Get ready to enjoy FIFA 20 Game, a completely new platform that offers an unprecedented realistic level when you play FIFA 2020. Raise the bar for everything that happens on the field with and without the ball. This system is based on three fundamental aspects: the decisive moments (with the ball), the authentic flow of the game (without the ball) and the physical of the ball (in the ball). The goal is that all games revolve around the player.

Authentic game technique

the best football players in the world take space, time and position into account. The authentic technique of the game ensures that all AI-controlled players do exactly that. The result is an environment that creates more space and time and places more emphasis on the user’s movements.

Dynamic duels

The new flow of the game, based on the best competitions in the world, offers a much more realistic distribution of movements and rhythm, so there are more individual duels and more emphasis is placed on the decisive moments that are controlled by the user.

Natural movement of the players

Thanks to innovations in relocation and positioning, AI players move in a more natural and fluid way than ever. This way they move much more realistic than ever.

Decisive moments

In football there are situations that can completely change the outcome of a match. From the technical finishes in the third of the field closest to the rival goal to the inputs controlled in defense. The competitions are won or lost at the decisive moments controlled by the user.

Lateral dribble

The new mechanism of lateral dribbling adds a new dimension to the attack because it allows you to move with unprecedented agility, to place the rival where you are most interested and to overcome it by skill or speed.

Update from play to stopped ball

The system has been updated so that you have more options at the time of targeting the direct missed throws and the penalties. Thanks to the new mechanics that is more dependent on power, photography offers better sensations than ever.

Physics of the ball

The ball is the last dynamic element involved in the competitions. This system takes the development of the game one step further with new shooting ranges, more realistic inputs and a physically based behavior.

Natural movement of the ball

The improved motion system presents new effects and bumps of the ball more realistic than ever. This helps to offer real football an even truer experience.

New shooting options

The ball’s new motion system opens the doors to new shooting ranges, such as shots with parabola or effect, that change direction or increase height.

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