If you are looking for a sweet FIFA 18 coins deal, your best try is with FIFA 18 comfort trade. It’s the most safest way to buy coins and not get banned. This way you will get the most out of your money and you do not have to worry about your account that much. We will explain in detail how this awesome method works en we will show you where to get the coins cheap and safe.

What is FIFA 18 comfort trade?

If we take a look at the description of comfort trade at MMOGA, we see:

Comfort Trade: Here you give your account data and the coins transfer will be taken over completely for you by the coins seller.”

Some people might be frightened by this explanation, but we can assure you: it’s perfectly safe to use. One thing though: You have to use a good and reliable FIFA 18 comfort trade seller for this. There are a lot of bad sellers out there who just want your login details and do nothing good with it. We only work with reliable coin sellers for FIFA. The most reliable in our opinion are MMOGA and Aoeah. Check them out! Also take a look at the most recent coupons at our partner VGC.com.

How does it works?

It’s pretty simple. If you want 1.000.000 coins, you can order it from one of the above sellers and choose comfort trade. Check out and give your login details. They will trade for you. They have years of experience and will make sweet deals at the transfer market to get you your coins. No risk at being banned.

  • Step 1: go to MMOGA or Aoeah
  • Step 2: select your console
  • Step 3: select how many coins you want
  • Step 4: select FIFA 15 or FIFA 14
  • Step 5: select comfort trade
  • Step 6: Select add to cart
  • Step 7: Fill in account name, password and secret answer
  • Step 8: Select add to cart
  • Step 9: Follow the instructions and wait for your coins

Is it the best way to buy FIFA 18 coins?

In short: Yes it is. It’s by far the most reliable and safest method. But for your own good: ONLY USE RELIABLE SELLERS. You can try the ones that are mentioned above. If you want to try another FIFA 18 comfort trade coin seller and you are not sure, you can shoot us a message.


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