There will be one day that EA will stop publishing FIFA games annually. That says Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, in conversation with Bloomberg.

Since 1993 there has been a FIFA release every year, but there is a chance that EA will come to the point that adding more innovations will become increasingly difficult. That is why there are more and more sounds about a model such as GTA Online uses, with the same game constantly getting updates. Bloomberg asked Wilson if that would ever happen to FIFA, to which he replied:

“Yes, but a lot of things have to be done before it’s done, we’re changing the codes of every new FIFA and Madden game.”

FIFA games in China do not come out every year

Wilson hinted at a model like EA that already operates in China and South Korea. There, a new FIFA game appears every four years, while in the meantime the old one is updated. The chance that this will happen in the West in the very short term is small. FIFA sells very well every year and for the time being the game is considered innovative enough.

The last FIFA game is FIFA 18, which saw the light of day at the end of September. Do not you have the game yet? Then you can still buy it.

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