Best comfort trade sellers FIFA

We have tested numerous websites and coinsellers over the years.. even after the Price Ranges update. Which ones are legit? Where can you leave your money with no doubt of getting your beloved coins? If you are looking for coinsellers that are 100% legit, always deliver your coins. look no further.


Best shops and method to buy

Before the big update by EA sports with the minimum and maximum price range of cards, we offered about six websites that we have tested rigorously. But after the update there are only three websites left. Our pick is IGVault, the most reliable fasted and best website in our opinion. We have bought coins at IGVault more than 20 times. We always got our coins. Right after the update there was a small delay, but right now they are the fasted most of the times.

After IGVault, we absolutely love U7Buy and Goldah. They share the same owner and customer support through live chat and email. But they offer a different price and different codes. Why we love them? They have a good VIP bonus, a large community and they always have some kind of discount. From 5% to 20% off you sales. They are also very reliable and cheap.


FIFA Comfort trade platforms

You can Comfort Trade coins at all three websites for:

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